Autistic Radio Day 2022

Autistic programs by autistic organisations and individuals - Autistics Speak - Autistics Listen - Autistics Representing Ourselves

Give an interview…. Collaborate in a discussion…… Create a program with us and tell a story… advertise a group.

We will make it happen for you. Autism positive works with you to get your message out to listeners. Listeners who are Autistic. Listeners who work with us. Listeners making decisions about us.

It’s a chance to make a change.

Autistic Authenticity

Autistic groups and individuals speaking their experiences and sharing identity.

contribute your words

Listen and comment on the day

Get interviewed and tell a truth

Showcase your activities

Record a group show to be broadcast.

Any show with an autistic person or an autistic subject!

No cost to autistic groups

All fees sponsored by

Your group has a story to get heard. We will join you in making a program to tell it and broadcast it out to your new Autistic Membership.

listen again podcasts

Programs Broadcast on the day are also podcasted for you.

Your message continues to be heard. Your story continues to reach your audience.

Autistic Radio Day === Radically Authentic

Does Autism Speaks represent you? Autistics Speak. Autistic Truth from us

Spectrum Voices Conversation Every Sunday 7PM by Skype

Join our autistic conversation by text or audio or video any Sunday to plan Autistic Radio Day It’s a fun group to be part of! Share ideas and express.

Sometimes a few heads in co-operation gets the best flow.

Let us know which meeting you are willing to join. Book online.

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© 2022 Spectrum voices conversation is independent of charity and government. is funded by voluntary contributions

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